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Caution: Mistakes you may be making with your social media marketing

We focus so much on things to do, that we may miss overlook we are not supposed to do. Let us help you with a caution list which will safeguard you and your brand from blunders.

Plan: Worst mistake is starting your social networking account without chalking down a plan. Define your purpose of being on social networking sites for instance people are there to share information, build customer loyalty, launch new product line. Plan yours before getting started.

Content: While content can make your way it can also break your way. Sharing irrelevant and meaningless content will harm your brand image. Customers…

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Marketing ideas for small startups

One afternoon while hunting marketing books in my library I came across series of books that answered my doubts with illustrations of giants, corporates and those big names with their big marketing plans and their successful implementation. That struck a thought in my mind, isn’t it important for small startups to focus on marketing? How important is a marketing plan or its implementation for them? Does a small startup allocate a marketing

With the bunch of famous marketing methods available like a Hoarding, Newspaper Advertisements, Magazine advertisements, television advertisements, if you are not cautious selecting the right cost effective…

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Cheap SEO services - expensive mistake

Cheap SEO services - expensive mistake

Online marketing strategy is one of the most important decisions any business owner has to make today. When deciding on which SEO company or SEO expert to use, do not go for the cheapest option. Cheap SEO services often turn into an extremely expensive mistakes that take up time to clean up sometimes even result in penalties from Google.

SEO companies that render cheap SEO services, often run link building campaigns using link building software and SPUN content. This content is illegible and is used to spam the web with links. Google updates like the Panda and Penguin penalize websites using these spammy techniques. Business owners then…

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Referral traffic: Gateway to fountains of search traffic

Referral traffic: Gateway to fountains of search traffic

Most SEO companies, target Google rankings to get online marketing results. Google search is definitely a great source to drive traffic from. However, when you look at traffic charts for any high traffic website, you can't help but notice that a major chunk of traffic is from referrals. Referral traffic is traffic from other websites that link to you, or social posts or even bloggers writing about your services, products or an article on your website.

Referral traffic is the best kind of traffic because it brings pre qualified leads that are looking for products or services in your niche.…

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How important is it for Entrepreneurs to understand digital marketing?

On a Monday morning hustle bustle at a client’s office, while I was planning for next week’s schedule, reviewing previous weeks work. Between all the plans, targets, modules, weekly to-dos, daily to-dos, my client popped up a question “Why is it so important to me to update everything online?” And in a 

fraction of second I felt the need to explain why he (my client) hired me?

So I started thinking what has changed with the entry or digital marketing and I ended up with following list which as per me are prime reasons for entrepreneurs to have their…

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Google Analytics: Traffic Sources

Google Analytics: Traffic Sources

It helps to know which one of your marketing efforts are getting more conversions and which don't. Weed out the ones that don't show results, and fine tune the ones that do. Tracking your marketing efforts are important. And when it comes to tracking, Google analytics is one of the tools you will use.

Google Analytic tracks three traffic sources:

Search Traffic: Website visitors from search engines (Google, Yahoo,Bing, etc.) There are two sub categories of search traffic - organic and paid.
Here's a screenshot that shows the difference.

The top 3 results and the ones on the right…

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Search Engine Optimization Tips To Get You Ranked High

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is manual page optimization. The higher a website is listed in a search, greater the amount of traffic it'll have and, therefore, a more conversion. For instance, a website on Google's first page is probably going to get a 5 times or more traffic than a website from the fourth or fifth page.

This is not a one step fix, it is just a slew of processes over a long period of time that improves the rank of the website. When having the search engine marketing services for the website, you should ensure that you are purchasing the correct services. Remember, there's two kinds…

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Changes in SEO Strategies after Google updates

Companies providing services for SEO Canada help out with attracting business due to increased visibility on search engine pages. If a website is ont the second page of Google to get a search phrase, as well as further back than that, chances are that certain just isn't getting the maximum amount of traffic as it may currently have, whether or not this ranked about the first page if search results. In fact, as you move the first lead to Google for any particular key phrase averages a click-through rate of 36%, the next end in Google only averages a click-though rate…

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